Fox Racing Shox 32 F100 FIT Remote (15QR)

Fox Racing Shox 32 F100 FIT Remote (15QR)
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Fox's 32 F100 FIT Remote forks may be among the lightest on the block, yet they're also among the toughest. Fox's renowned chassis delivers both strength and stiffness and when combined with the 15mm through-axle you end up with surgical steering precision. With adjustable rebound and lockout threshold, you can tune your ride to your preferences and current trail conditions. The FIT damper increases your tire's traction by reducing the un-sprung weight of the fork so the fork responds to terrain faster. Combine that with the gold Kashima-coated stanchions and you have a fork that knows what the trail is doing before you do. Plus, the remote-actuated lockout is quick and easy to engage on the fly, too, so the F-series can switch from rigid, zero bob to full, plush travel in the blink of an eye.

Fox's gold-colored Kashima coat.

For the best suspension yet, Fox has brought Miyaki Company of Japan’s legendary Kashima Coat to its fork stanchions. You can recognize it by the unique gold color. This coating, which is four times harder than hard-anodized aluminum, made its name in car and motorcycle suspensions and drivetrains, and now you can enjoy all its amazing benefits. These include super low friction, excellent abrasion resistance and durability, and significantly better lubrication characteristics. In short, this fork is way more reactive, soaks up even tiny bumps and lasts longer with less maintenance, too.