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Swagman Barracuda Roof Rack Bike Mount
Swagman's Barracuda Bike Mount carries one bike in an upright position so that you don't have to remove the wheels and it fits onto square or round, and up to 2-inch wide OEM load bars (load bars sold separately). This fine steel/composite bike mount has shaped wheel holders that help keep the bicycle upright for easier bike loading/unloading, and it holds bikes with tires from 1- to 2.02-inches wide. The rack's upright arm securely and safely holds the bicycle by its frame, while 2 straps keep the wheels in place. You'll also love the built-in locking mechanism that secures the bike to the mount and the mount to the load bars.
Swagman Fork-Down Roof Rack Bike Mount
Swagman's Fork-Down Roof Rack Bike Mount is attached to a roof rack's load bars (sold separately) to carry one bicycle by its fork (the front wheel is removed). The Fork-Mount has a fork block and rugged 9mm-diameter quick release to safely hold your bicycle upright and a wheel strap to secure the rear wheel. This fine bike mount fits on square, round and oval load bars up to 3 inches wide.
Swagman R-100 Aluminum Roof-Mount Load Bars 47-inch
Swagman's R-100 Roof-Mount Load Bars fit most cars with raised side rails. The cross bars are made of light, corrosion-resistant and durable aluminum and the ends are made of a tough composite material to safely and securely grip your vehicle. These load bars have a capacity of 75 to 100 pounds and they accept Swagman's upright and fork bike mounts (sold separately). The R-100 features locking mechanisms, too.
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