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Pickup/RV/Spare-Tire Mount

Saris Freedom Spare Tire 2-Bike
$287.99 $359.99 20% Off
Transport all types of bikes with Saris' Freedom Spare Tire 2-bike rack. Designed to fit all spare tires (left-, right-, or center-positioned), this innovative rack adjusts to fit most bikes and sizes, including kids’ and even some recumbents, thanks to the adjustability of its center upright support. It uses quick-adjust trays and ratcheting straps to secure two bikes of up to 35 pounds each. Loading is made easy by the low tray height. The center upright support even tilts down to stay out of the way when not in use.
Saris Traps Triple Track (35-inch)
$103.99 $129.99 20% Off
Having enough room for another bike is rarely an issue with Saris' Traps Triple Track. Simply lay it on the floor of your SUV or place it in your truck bed and add your choice of attachments. Your bikes are guaranteed a stable ride. The unique design allows bikes to be staggered or angled for hauling more bikes in a compact space. Fork mounts and wheel holders are sold individually to let you customize your Triple Track.
Saris Traps Single Track (47-inch)
$71.99 $89.99 20% Off
Give your bike first-class treatment on the way to the ride. Saris' Traps Single Track mounts easily on the floor of your cargo area or truck bed and holds 2 bikes. Included is mounting hardware for three Traps fork mounts (sold separately).
Swagman 2-Bike Pick-Up Fork-Mount Rack
Swagman's 2-Bike Pick-Up Fork-Mount Rack mounts across the top of your truck bed so that you can carry 2 bikes with ease and in style. This durable metal rack adjusts to any width truck bed, holds 2 bikes of up to 35 pounds each by their forks in its heavy-duty fork mounts with quick releases, and it even features an integrated lock to secure the rack to your truck.
Swagman 2-Bike RV Ladder Rack
Swagman's 2-Bike RV Ladder Rack fits on most RV ladders and holds up to 2 bikes. Soft cradles protect your bikes and there are snug straps for securing them. This fine rack is made of lightweight aluminum and it's simply hooked to the ladder for easy on/off.
Swagman Pop Up RV Rack
Swagman's Pop Up RV Rack is made of lightweight aluminum and is easy to install on most pop-up trailers. The adjustable wheel trays carry up to 4 bikes of up to 30-pounds each and tie-down straps are included while protective feet grip and won't scratch your trailer.
Swagman The Claw Fork Mount
Swagman's The Claw Fork Mount is a handy way to carry one bicycle in the bed of a pickup or back of an SUV. You bolt it to the bed (or a heavy piece of wood) and simple remove your bicycle's front wheel and clamp your fork in The Claw to safely and securely hold up and carry your bike. The Claw is made of steel and aluminum for durability and long life and it has a quality quick release for easy use. You can also use The Claw for hanging bicycles on the wall for home storage. With multiple Claws you can carry/store as many bikes as you want.
Swagman Traveler XCS RV 2-Bike Bumper-Mount Rack
Swagman's Traveler XCS transports 2 bikes safely and securely by their wheels, meaning you never have to remove wheels so it's always quick and easy to take your bikes along! The wheels fit in the holders and there are 2 ratcheting hooks to hold the bikes in place. You simply press a button to extend the hooks and then push them down onto the bicycle frames to secure your bikes in the rack. The hooks ratchet so they stay closed and they are rubber covered to protect your bicycles. This fine rack is made of steel for excellent stability and durability, has adjustable wheel holders to fit different bike types, and it also folds when not in use.
Swagman XP Spare Tire Mount 2-Bike Rack
Swagman's XP Spare Tire Mount 2-Bike Rack easily carries up to 2 bikes of up to 35 pounds each. This heavy-duty rack has soft Kraton-lined cradles that hold your bikes in a secure, scratch-free grip and it will carry bicycles with up to 2-inch diameter frame tubes. There are also locking knobs on the cradles to safeguard your bicycles.
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