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Over the past 5 decades bicycles have evolved from simple 1 and 3-speed models to sophisticated computer-designed machines. Today, performing service on bicycles requires in-depth knowledge as well as the proper tools. For 38 years, Bicycle Garage has been performing repairs as simple as repairing a flat to complex frame repair. Our service staff has over 50 years of combined expertise, so you can be assured that your bicycle will be quickly and expertly serviced. We also fit bikes so you can get the most out of your bicycling experience.

The Complete Bicycle Garage Six Area Tune-Up:

Area 1:  Wheels

Wheels properly and securely mounted in frame.  Adjust bearing tolerance in front and rear hubs and inspect for bent axles and signs of other internal damage.  Rims trued laterally for better braking.  Tires inflated to proper pressure.

Area 2:  Bottom Bracket and Crank

Adjust bearing tolerance in the bottom bracket and tighten chain rings and crank arms.  Inspect and align chain rings.  Tighten pedals.  Chain checked for wear and lubricated.

Area 3:  Brakes

Brake pads checked for wear and replaced if necessary.*  Levers inspected, aligned, and tightened.  Front and rear brakes lubricated and adjusted for best performance.  Cables and housings inspected and replaced if necessary;* cables lubricated. *Parts are not included

 Area 4:  Steering

Headset inspected and adjusted.  Fork inspected for damage.  Handlebars and stem properly aligned, inserted, and secured.

 Area 5:  Shifting and Gear System

Inspect, lubricate, and adjust front and rear derailleur.  Check rear derailleur hanger for alignment.  Cables and housings inspected and replaced if necessary* and cables lubricated. *Parts are not included

 Area 6:  Bike Inspection & Safety Check

Frame checked for damage; seat post checked for minimum allowable insertion into frame and properly secured; seat clamp tightened; check mounting security of accessories.    

Cost for Tune-Up:

ROAD Bike / MTN Bike




Little 500 Bike


Additional service charges with the Complete Tune-Up

 Spoke Installation

 $10.00 per rim

 Tire/tube installed

 $7.00 per rim

While-You-Wait Tire/Tube Replacement

Cost: $7.00 per wheel

*Tire or Tube not included in price 

Custom Wheel Building

Hand built wheels are one of the fastest ways a cyclist can improve the performance of any bicycle. Our experienced builders can build wheels on your hubs or with any combination of rims, hubs, spokes and lacing patterns you choose. *Parts are not included

Cost: $50.00 per wheel


A la carte service charges:

Brake adjustment

$12.00 ea

Derailleur adjustment

$12.00 ea

Wheel trued

$15.00 to $25.00 each

Bottom bracket (BB) overhauled


BB installed


Headset overhauled


Rear multi-speed hub overhauled


Rear Coaster Brake hub overhauled


Front hub overhauled


Install new rear derailleur


Install new front derailleur


  Install new crank-set

$25.00 to $45.00

Install new front wheel


Install new rear wheel


New chain installed


Chain repaired


Box bike to ship


Wrap handlebars


Computer installed

$8.00 to $20.00

Rack installed on bike

$5.00 to $10.00

Full strutted fender set


Clip-On fender set


Basket installed

$5.00 to $10.00 each

Service Questions ask Fred or Bob by e-mail


The Complete Overhaul

Includes everything in the Complete Tune-Up as well as the following: 

Disassemble and degrease front and rear hubs. Chain, cogs, front and rear derailleur are removed and degreased. Crank-set and bottom bracket are removed and degreased. Then the bicycle is reassembled.

Cables and housing will be replaced as necessary.

*Parts are not included

Road Bike


Mtn Bike


Tandem Bike


Little 500 Bike




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