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Modern bicycles are incredible high-tech wonders and a joy to ride. Yet it's very important to understand that how well any bike rides and how comfortable and efficient you are on it, depends entirely on how properly that bicycle fits you and how expertly it's adjusted to fit your body. The size of the bicycle frame and its shape (called the "frame geometry") is vital. Plus, the adjustment of the seat, handlebars, and stem is equally, if not more important.
Our BikeFitting measurement jig ensures accuracy!
That's where our Precision Fitting service comes into play. This fitting service is comprised of a set of precision bicycle fitting tools for measuring you and adjusting your bike to fit you.

We measure your:
  • height
  • foot length (left and right)
  • inseam length
  • torso length
  • arm length
  • shoulder width
  • and if you're riding already, we consider the type of pedals and shoes you are riding in and the type of saddle you use
We then plug these measurements into the Precision Fitting computer software,which analyzes the measurements and provides a computer drawing displaying the perfect frame size, geometry and bicycle adjustments for optimum comfort, efficiency, and the ultimate ride.

This allows us to help you select the perfect new frame and bicycle and adjust it for a best fit. And, we can use the tool to check and perfect the fit of the bike you're currently riding to solve those little (or big) aches and pains and make sure every ride is a great ride.

Whether to select a new custom bike, to dial-in one being ridden, or to analyze and solve cycling-related injuries, to date, so we're sure we can help you!

Please contact us to learn more about our Precision Fitting service and to arrange a fitting with one of our specialists. You'll be glad you did!